Marker Art

September 6, 2014 in BMW 318ti

OMG! What’s all over my car!!!??!!


I’ve seen some pretty awesome sharpie car art around the internets; mind blowing art that must take incredible patience and skill…  Not to mention the huge commitment involved in drawing all over beautiful cars with permanent marker.

I’m enthralled with the art that I’ve seen.  So much so that I wanted to try my own hand at tattooing the bimmer.  Not possessing the mad skillz required to pull off beautiful patterns that mingle into a paint-work tapestry I decided to start off with a water-soluble Bic Window Marker.  I wasn’t sure if the white would stand out on the black, but the marker leaves a vibrant streak with a single stroke.  It bleeds a little, but with some practice I was able to get some pretty good detail down.


Here’s the fam having some fun with the markers.  The wife and kid had a pretty good time marking up the hood – my son especially liked doing the bomber style teeth on the fenders.


The craziest thing about the whole project was the reactions from people that I knew.  Some found humour in the work, some could even envision the concept and what it could become.  There were other, though…  Others that were filled with pure rage and horror that a car – even a 1995 beater –  could be defaced in such a way.  Once I assured them that the blasphemy would wash off with a little soap and water I was forgiven, but only with the promise that I would never make it permanent.

The plans to go permanently forward with the work will be done on the interior.  Since it’s stripped I think that it will add a little easter-egg appeal to see a whole bunch of design work once you get up close and peak inside…  Maybe on the barrels of the wheels too.  I’ll have to leave a lot of the work to my wife, she’s the talent with the markers.

At any rate, more to come.