Eurotrash Foggies

May 1, 2014 in BMW 318ti

You may have noticed that the car was sporting a smashed out fog light, this was the unfortunate result of a run-in with a raised man-hole cover.  When I took delivery of this fine piece of machinery the lights weren’t in the best condition, but with some parts salvaged from a donor bumper they were at least mounted and functional.  Cue the construction work…  My journey home from work was for a time plagued by road work.  I had become quite adept and slaloming around the sewer caps that towered out from the ground down asphalt, using a keen eye and sense of rhythm to avoid tearing off the power steering cooler or bending the lower cross member.  On a late summer’s run home I was tired, unfocused, and I think that the man-hole could sense it.  The next thing I knew, out from under the truck I was following a cover leaped out and dodged into my path!  I veered, veered like the wind but the cover still caught my foggie and smashed it to smithereens.

I wanted yellow foggies anyway.  I just like the look, plus it throws a nice yellow hue in front of the car in the dusk.  I researched multiple solutions to my lack of fogs, most were either super expensive, like imported Euro-spec lenses; or difficult and hackey, like painting the lenses.  I stumbled upon a set of yellow glass fog lights including housings on eBay while searching around, and for the pair it was only going to cost me $25.  Sold.


Installation was fairly straight forward and matched the stock mounting features, but if I’m honest the plastic housings and light holders were far inferior to the BMW components.  Where I could I swapped out any eBay parts for bimmer originals and I’m quite pleased with the results.